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Written on: Jul 04, 2012

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New! Keyboard shortcuts


Keyboard shortcuts can make you more efficient and we know some of you may like using the keyboard more than the mouse.

Hence we’ve added keyboard shortcuts!

Web app

Number keypad 1 → Dashboard

Number keypad 2 → Designs

Number keypad 3 → Clients

Number keypad 4 → Team

a → Add new design / client / team mate (depending on which section you’re on)

s → Settings

l → Logout

Return → Focus search field

Presentation page

a → Add a note

c → Toggle comments drawer

n → Toggle view or hide notes

p → Focus “Page:” drop down menu

v → Focus “Versions:” drop down menu

Right arrow → Go to next mockup

b → Back to versions page in web app

2 responses to “New! Keyboard shortcuts”

  1. Tyler says:

    Using Chrome, when trying to input our smtp server for outgoing proofing emails, these new shortcuts don’t allow any password with numbers to be put in (it just changes to that page immediately).

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