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Written on: Jun 08, 2012

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New Features

Two new features

The whole idea behind “Teams” is such that all members of the team can work together collaboratively and can be kept informed when important events happen, like a comment is made or a design is approved.

All members of the team gets email notifications

Previously, only the main account holder receives notifications when a design is approved or a comment is made. To keep everyone in the loop, email notifications for these events will be sent out to all members of the team.

Get notified when your client views your mockup

This is one of the most requested feature. In SUBERNOVA, when a client views an invoice or quote, you get notified. Now, the same thing goes for MockVault.

Just a little background:

When you send a design to your client within MockVault, your client receives a permalink. The letter t is appended to the end of the permalink. We could use any other letters but we choseĀ t because it stands for “track”. When your client clicks the permalink with the t appended at the back of the link, we know that your client has went in to view your designs, so we’ll send an email to notify you.

If you wish to send a mockup to your client via an email application (not within MockVault ), you can still track if your client has viewed. Just append the letter t to the end of the link.

That’s all for now, hope you enjoy using MockVault!

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  1. Thanks Guys, this is awesome!

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